The earliest recorded information about Centre Foundry is found 21 years before the Civil War. In 1840, James and H. Andrew Baggs jointly owned a business call Baggs Foundry. The foundry was erected in Ohio County, Virginia. The business was devoted largely to the production of cast iron heating stoves, grates for steam boilers, and similar small iron castings. At this time the foundry employed ten people.

The Company was then purchased by the Alexander J. Cecil and his brother Charles and John Young (shown at left) in 1855. They changed the company name to Cecil & Company and kept that name for ten years until they changed the name to Centre Foundry 1860. This was appropriate because the plant was then located at 25th and 27th Main Street, Wheeling, VA in the Centre Magisterial District of Ohio County.

Found concern to enter in the business of producing nail machines, rolling mill machinery, and parts for the nail and steel industry. The second source of business was off of the Ohio River. Steamboat owners depended on the foundry for the repair of parts to keep their craft plying the river with heavy tonnages of nails, steel, coal, and other products of the Ohio Valley’s growing industries.

Centre Foundry & Machine Company became the first incorporated business in Ohio County.

Outgrew the facility and moved to present location on an eleven acre tract in the Warwood section of Wheeling.

1970 - 1972
Centre was producing ingot molds ranging to 50 tons. The product line started to introduce Ferro-alloy chills, slag pots, blast furnace runners and cooling plates and other specialty castings for the thriving steel industry. With a new product line, here at Centre Foundry we wanted to ensure quality workmanship was being practiced from molding to cleaning, so Centre opened its own laboratory facility.

Centre Foundry purchased two Ajax 2000 – 2500 KW channel induction furnaces. The furnaces are clean melting and emit no effluents. This also allowed the plant to meet the high quality analysis requirements of the customers

Centre Foundry & Machine Company and its subsidiary Washington Mould were sold to Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation

1990’s to Today
Centre Foundry & Machine Company made its first foreign export shipment. In the 1990’s the majority of customers were in a 300 mile radius.

Today, Centre Foundry strives to maintain its focus on satisfying the specialty steel industry and alloy producers with quality gray iron castings.






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